Student’s production: news from the future

This is a fictional piece of news written by the students of advanced level on a free topic.

Love in the Stars : The new Homo-Spica Baby and the birth of a new race

Born from an accidental relationship that took place in the exchange-meeting Earth-Spica, the scientists are about to study the new living form that represents the union and peace among space folks.

By Nilton Sauer Korobinski, Karina Araujo Ferraz, Layla Campos.

5 years ago, the civilization of Spika made contact with the US government, for an interstellar meeting exchange. The Drs. Katlyn White, John Kyle and Richard Stevenson were leading the group of the bests scientists in the world, for a 10-year program of scientific research.

Ketlyn,John and Richard, scientists already well-known in the media, for the various discoveries about human genetics, have decided to go further, trying to find the cure for HIV.

They discovered through their last research that is possible to neutralize the causative organisms of the disease through the spicaneous bone marrow.

The procedure consists of injecting a small part of the marrow together with a compound very similar to sodium bicarbonate, easily found on earth.

The discovered has caused a stir among family members and victims of the disease around the world.

The scientists responsible for the discovery will be in a renowned ceremony promoted by the American Government., which will win the award for the best scientific discovery of the last hundred years.

However, the main results from this interstellar-meeting-exchange ended up beyond the expectations: the birth of a new race. Called by the scientists “Homo-Spica”, the new baby symbolizes the universal love and freedom among all the living things, a celebration of diversity and a rememerer of peace in the universe.

The first representant of the “Homo-Spica” was called NI9-28S-1K98 by his mother, the spicanian foongus popularly known as E71-2TS6. Son of a Brazilian man and a digital developed hermaphrodite system as well, the baby was born with a human shape with larger eyes and golden skin, as his parents say, “the fruit of a beautiful love story”. Studies are still in progress, but it is said to be a new influencer in the beauty standards.

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