English Project – Movie Analysis


In this project the students are invited to develop a critical analysis of a movie.

We are proposing a diversified view of the movie approaching all the Multiple Intelligences of the group and connecting them with interdisciplinary issues. 


  • Enlarge the possibilities of art interpretation in the students’ repertory.
  • Open space for the students to express themselves in their best abilities.
  • Sensibilize the students for all the aspects that involve an artistic production.


  1. Read and clarify all students tasks.
  2. Watch the movie (not till the very end).
  3. Take all the necessary notation during the movie.
  4. Pairs rewatch parts of the movie if necessary and solve the tasks.
  5. Roundtable showing all the results.
  6. Publication of written critics.
  7. Grammar points observed in the students’ production.

Students Tasks


– Observe the visual production of the movie, the background, the sceneries, the colors, visual effects, the details on the clothes and places, objects, etc.

– How important or effective are all those points for the quality of the movie and the story?

– What kind of feeling do those visual aspects cause, how do you feel about them?

– Compare two different scenes and show how the visual influences on the mood and the impression the viewer has.

Linguistic – musical

 – Analyze the language, difficulty of understanding, accents, rythm, etc.

– Copy some lines of a dialogue and act them out with the same characteristics of the actors.

Interpersonal – Intrapersonal

– Pick up one character and make a total description of his/her psychologically, culturally and emotionally.

– Put yourself in the character’s place and explain why this person acts and thinks that way.

– Explain how you would feel in the character’s situation, how you would behave.

– Pick up a scene that is most emotional or expressive for you and explain the importance and impact of it.

Logical/Mathematical – Kinesthetical

– Analyze the sequence of the story, how logic it is, how convincent,

– How expressive the artists are, how good  the direction and the writing were.

– Observe the quality and effectiveness of the visual effects, how they contribute to the sequence and understanding of the story.

– Pick up one scene and explain the difficulty of making it and how it contributed to the movie.

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