Elementary Lesson 8:What do you enjoy doing?

Talk about your prerences.
Grammar: gerund or infinitive. Vocabulary: descriptions

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Professional life:
How do you like it?
‘My profession is nice, it is not too difficult, and I enjoy being with people. I only hate when students don’t pay attention and continue talking when I start explaining something. What is bad is that sometimes I forget preparing exercises or marking grades. But I always remember to evaluate the students on everything they do.’


Verbs + -ing

Verbs immediately following these verbs are -ing form independent on the verbal tense.

She avoided talking to me all day.

  • avoid
  • consider
  • enjoy
  • finish
  • appreciate
  • excuse
  • regret

Verbs + infinitive or –ing

The verbs following these ones can be used both in -ing and infinitive without any change of meaning

  • Begin
  • Start
  • Continue
  • Hate
  • Like
  • Love


Verbs -ing Meaning Infinitive Meaning
I can’t forget doing that.
I can’t remember doing that.
I can’t forget I did that.
I can’t remember if I did that.
I always forget/ remember to do that. I always do or don’t do that.
Stop He will stop eating candies. The ending of an action. Let’s stop to eat and then we go on. Interruption of an action in order to perform another.

Go to a university site and analyze the courses you find.

What is studied in the courses? How do you like them? Pick up five that are good for you and five that aren’t and explain why. Don’t use the same verb more than twice and write at least five lines for every course.

This course is good for me because I like

Pick up a course and check the ‘Course outline’ section:

Chose your courses and read the ‘What is …?’ section and the course summary down the page:


Make a true sentence using ‘I’ with all the verbs in any verbal tense:

  • Avoid
  • Consider
  • Enjoy
  • Finish
  • Appreciate
  • Excuse
  • Regret
  • Begin
  • Start
  • Continue
  • Hate
  • Like
  • Love
  • Forget
  • Remember
  • Stop



Gammar exercises

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