BASIC Lesson 2: Autobiography

Introduce yourself and talk about your routine and your family and friends.
Grammar: Simple Present. Vocabulary: personal characteristics, to be, adjectives

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An autobiography—Teacher Daniele Krauz

Teacher Daniele Krauz talks about herself.

I am Daniele. My complete name is Daniele Krauz. I live at 307, São Pedro Street, in Guarapuava. My city is in the south of Brazil. I am twenty-eight years old. My birthday is on 19th March. I work at ‘Essencial Idiomas e Artes’ institute. I am a teacher. I study a lot. I study English, German and Spanish at home, and I paint and sing.

The city

My city is not very big, it is a medium town. Guarapuava is in the center-west of the state of Paraná, in the south of Brazil. It is a beautiful city, there are some natural areas: Tears Pound, Araucarias Park, Jordan River Park. There is a historical museum, the Cathedral History hall, Entomological and Geographic museum, and the historic archive. There are two colleges and a public University with thirty-five courses. There are nearly two hundred thousand inhabitants, the city is nearly two hundred years old, its foundation date is 9th December, 1818. The climate in summer is good, for me, it is hot and sunny, it rains periodically and is very windy. The wind is a problem on winter, it is very cold. My city is very calm, there are few places to go at night, two cinemas, restaurants and three discos, there are few good bars


My family is not big, we are only three at home: my father, my mother and I. There are also seven cats: Cleopatra, Psique, Dartaña, Dracula, Herus, Little and Xuxa. And there is an old parrot, she is Lora. My father’s name is John, he is forty-eight years old. He is a builder, he contracts people to construct and rebuild houses. My mother’s name is Teresa, she is forty-nine. She is a handcraft teacher, she works in my school.


I have some good friends, but my best friend is my fiancée. My fiancée’s short name is Regi, he is twenty-seven years old. He is a musician, he plays the guitar, the electric guitar, bass guitar and synthesizer. He is a composer and a teacher too. He lives in Guarapuava. His house is downtown. He lives in a big house with his parents. He reads magazines and books about music, computers and history.


I like very much to study. It is very important. I study English and Spanish specially to teach, and I study German because I like languages. I read and watch movies about arts and history. I take singing lessons every week and I sing in a choir. I love arts, I do different handicrafts and paint. My favorite subjects are History, Psychology, and Philosophy. I have a graduation in History, and two postgraduations in teaching. I have many other different certificates. I need more time to do all the things I want to.


I work at my school, Essencial . I teach English, Spanish and drawing to children and adults. It is good to teach to interested students. I like to discuss the topics and talk. My school is at my home, there are many children there every day. I am responsible for the school, I organize and prepare material for all the students, and I train teachers. I work from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. from Monday to Saturday. On some free hours I work with a band, singing. I am always in action! But I like it.


Video lesson: Who I am – autobiography – Video content: verb to be, verb there to be, genitive apostrophe, personal profile

Gammar exercises

Modal verb — To be

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