BASIC Lesson 10: Family history

Introduce your friends, talk about their appearence.
Grammar: Simple Present, have got. Vocabulary: personal characteristics, to be, adjectives

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“My great-grandfather came from Ukraine with his parents when he was six years old. His name was Miguel Opulchvisky. He lived in the city of Turvo, a very small village in Paraná, south of Brazil. He married to Ana. He liked to read and received many newspapers from Ukraine. He had books in magazines in German and Polish too. My mother believes my
fondness for languages comes from him. He liked to invent things too, he produced some facilities and devices for their family.”

Time line
Brazilian families have many cultural mixes. Can you make a time line of your family, telling where the people came from?

Help lines

  • Make a list of possible iterviewees.
  • Collect any document you can find.A document can be any thing: a photo, a magazine cut off, a letter, a post card.
    They show characteristics of the time and of the person who kept them.
  • Interview people many times.
  • Discover funny or odd facts.


Being a biographer is not easy but it can be very interesting. Let’s make a time line of our family and write a biography of a special person:

  • Where and when was he/she born?
  • How and why did she/he get to Brazil?
  • What was his/her occupation?
  • Where and how did she/he establish here?
  • How was life at that time?
  • What has your family inherited from this person?
  • Why is he/she admirable?

After work
Let’s analyze the difficulty of this project:

  • Did you get the information easily?
  • Who did you need to interview?
  • Did you find good pictures of the family? Why?
  • Did you discover any document of the time?
  • What did you learn from this experience?
  • What was the biggest difficulty you had?
  • What was the most important thing you discovered?
  • What information can you use in your future life?


Gammar exercises

Simple past

Your turn!

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